Elyf BV was established in the Netherlands at the second half of 2019 by an  entrepreneur woman being internationally active for more than 15 years in European and USA markets for trading textile products, especially yarns and knitted fabrics  

Although the mainfield of expertise are knitted fabrics and the main products to be traded are planned to be started with yarns and knitted fabrics in the beginning, Elyf B.V., with its;

  • Technically competent and highly experienced board of directors, who especially have Intensive experience of doing professional business in the European and Turkish markets
  • Well defined “Corporate Vision & Values”
  • Sound, sustainable and trustable “Supplier” and “Global Representative Agent & Solution Partner Network”
  • Internationally well known and positively referenced existing and potential customer base
  • Creative, transparent, dynamic, sustainable and adaptive “business model and organizational structure and procedures”

can easily develop innovative and cooperative  solutions (including consultancy)  &  products, satisfying almost all your business needs in textile industry globally with competitive advantages in

  • time,
  • quality and
  • price